• One of India's largest garment export companies.
  • Established in 1980.
  • Factories located in New Delhi and Haryana.
  • Annual turnover of US $ 27 million.
  • Dynamic and experienced management team headed by Mr. Rajiv
    Bal, who has more than 30 years of experience in the apparel trade,
    backed by an office staff of 35 full time employees.
  • Mr. Rohit Bal,  India's ace haute couture designer, the Design
    Director with Orchid, initiated the change of focus from conventional
    manufacturing to 'Proactive Design Innovation' and product
  • Ms Rohini Bedi, the Overseas Fashion Consultant, based in
    California in the USA, handles the design and development of  High
    End Ethnic Fashions.
  • Selective about clientele, Orchid has focused on 'Developing
    Capabilities' to cater to the 'High End' market.
  • One of the few exporters with extensive experience in servicing High
    Fashion wear in South Asia.
  • Currently employing 1200 tailors as permanent full time workers, with
    a capacity to hire 600 more temporary part time workers.
  • Total number of machines : 1800.
  • Monthly capacity of 300,000 pieces.
  • Spare capacity of 70,000 to 100, 000 per month.
  • 60 to 120 days of lead time.